Missions & Outreach

Migrant Camp Outreach

The third Sunday of every month a team of volunteers go to the a local migrant camp and minister. We provide food, clothing, toiletries, baby items and other miscellaneous items. We also minister the gospel in a short devotion and crafts for the children. If you can donate to this outreach or would like to be involved contact the church for more information.

Life Skills for Boys

Highlands Church of God has teamed up with Carver Village of Hope. Once a month we bring some of the boys from Carver to the church to spend a few hours with them. While there they will receive further guidance from positive role models who are men and fathers. There is so much hope for these boys and for so many others that they will touch. If you would like to sign up and help, you can contact Pastor Kent.

Thank you for supporting Carver Village of Hope Ministries! You are helping to change the world, one person at a time!
(All who help must have background checks.)

Carver Village

“Carver Village” is a government housing community in Bartow, Florida, where Jessie and various volunteers have been investing their time and the love of Jesus for several years, hosting outreaches and children’s events. “Carver Village of Hope” Ministries continues to expand, leading a kids afterschool program, church/bible studies, feeding and clothing, donation drives, crisis care, home improvement projects and missions/internship opportunities.
Your prayers, volunteer service and donations are much needed and appreciated!

If you would like to volunteer at CVH, either short term or long term, or receive Carver updates e-mail Jessie or “Leslie” at Carver Village of Hope and FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK! facebook.com/carvervillageofhopeministries

Missions Highlands Support

Women’s Ministries Missions – Rescuing Servant children in Haiti

Bob and Jeanette Cary

Teresa Kimbrell – Africa

Ministry to Israel

Phoebe Gray Orphanage

Heart of Florida Children’s Ranch

Faith Bread – Evangelist/Missionary Keith Barron